We offer vinyl, turned edge, and poly binders in many sizes, styles and colors.  They can be silk screened, foil stamped, litho wrapped or have sealed in sheets (which you provide) with your company information and/or logo.

Vinyl products are produced by heat sealing sheets of vinyl together around the chipboard, with or without a padding material in between. Inside front and back pockets are also an option.

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Turned edge products are produced by gluing your choice of material to the chipboard, wrapping the edges around the board and gluing them on the inside.  These are also available in padded or non-padded styles. Imitation leather and bonded leather are the most common. Inside front and back pockets are also an option.

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Poly products are made of polyethylene sheets.  Polyethylene comes in .23, .35, .55, .75, and .110 gauges.  These sheets are cut and scored to form the product.  These are offered in shiny or matte finishes.

Binder sizes can vary with the most common accommodating 11 x 8 ½” sheets.  Other sizes available are 8½ x 5½”, 9½ x 6”, A4 size (11¾ x 8¼”). If you don’t see your size, we can make a cutting die for most any requirement you may have.

Sheet lifters are molded plastic pieces that are used to keep your paper or index tabs from getting caught at the base of the ring.  3” curved lifters are usually used in pairs for round ring binders, 5” flat lifters are normally used in the back only of a D ring binder. These are totally optional.

Ring metals are made of nickel coated metal and can be powder coated in a variety of colors.  They are available in various sizes from ½” to 4”.  They are also available in a round ring, straight D ring, or angle D ring.  D ring metals tend to hold slightly more paper than a round ring does.  All ring styles are available with or without boosters to open and close the binder. 3 ring metals are the most common but 2, 4 and 6 ring metals are available in limited sizes.  Below is a guide to help you decide what ring size you may need.

½” round ring only – holds approx. 130 pages

¾” round ring only- holds approx. 140 pages

1” round ring –  holds approx. 170 pages

1” D ring – holds approx. 220 pages

1½” – round ring – holds approx. 240 pages

1½” – D ring – holds approx. 330 pages

2” – round ring – holds approx. 390 pages

2” – D ring – holds approx. 450 pages

2½” – round ring – holds approx. 450 pages

2½” – D ring – holds approx. 530 pages

3” –  round ring – holds approx. 600 pages

3” –  D ring – holds approx. 600 pages

4” –  D ring only – holds approx. 660 pages

The pages above refer to page of copy paper so keep in mind, if you are using index tabs, they take up more space than a sheet of copy.  Generally, that won’t be enough to affect the estimated pages but if you are using a large amount of tabs allow a little extra room for them as well.