We offer a wide variety of pad holders. They come in many different sizes, styles and materials. They can be simple or accessorized to meet your needs by adding things such as pen loops, calculators, and business card holders. We also carry a line of zippered holders.

Suedene Vinyl (sealed) holders are available in two different basic styles, slit style or clip style to hold your pad in place. You may add a slash pocket, card slots and pen loops as well. We also offer a two tone style with a portion of your front cover in another textured vinyl material. These can be plain or foil stamped with your logo and/or name.

vinyl4 vinyl3 vinyl2 Vinyl1

Soft-hide/Pearl Vinyl (stitched) holders are available in the two different basic styles as well. You may accessorize with a choice of several different pockets, card slots, pen loops, calculator slots and different interior liners such as vinyl, moire or cloth. You also have a choice of square or round or brass or nickel corners. These are available in padded or non-padded and can be custom foil stamped as well. We offer the two tone style with contrasting stitching.

new blue 2 sh1 SH2 SH4

Embroidered (stitched) holders are a combination of soft-hide/pearl vinyl and a Khaki fabric. You can combine these materials to give a very rich and custom look. They are available with all the options above as well.


Bonded Leather (stitched) holders are available as well and you may choose any of the soft-hide options above.

leather big

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