FOB – this stands for “freight on board”. When we quote you initially we will either quote you FOB BALTIMORE MD or DELIVERED. If we quote you FOB BALTIMORE, this means freight is billed from where it is loaded to where it is unloaded and we will pass this charge on to you. If we quote you DELIVERED, then your freight charges have been included in your product pricing and no charges will be added to you invoice. We normally quote as FOB BALTIMORE.

SHIPPING METHODS – We can ship your order in several possible ways. We will always discuss this with you and choose the best option for your particular order.

Local Delivery Service – if you are in Baltimore Maryland or the surrounding Maryland areas which also may include Washington D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania, we have a local delivery service that delivers for us. This is very cost effective and are much less likely to have damages in transit.

FEDEX or UPS – would provide you either a dock or inside delivery. We usually will ship smaller orders this way. If you prefer to provide us with your UPS or FEDEX account number, we can bill the shipment directly to your account.

Truck line – for larger orders that are wrapped and packed on a skid. These are normally a “dock to dock” delivery but arrangements can be made to have the skids broken down and hand carted inside for a fee.

MULTIPLE LOCATIONS – We can drop ship to your customer if you prefer. We will use your name on the shipping labels but it will show the delivery coming out of Baltimore. We are happy to send to multiple locations if you need us to but we cannot ship individually to your end users.

DAMAGE IN TRANSIT – If your product is damaged in transit we will make sure you get either credited or replace your damaged pieces. If you see obvious damage when your shipment arrives, whether it be truck line or UPS/FEDEX, please note the damage on whatever your signing. If the damage is concealed and you don’t see it until you open your boxes, let us know right away. Time is of the essence and there are specific rules that have to be followed in order for us to file a claim. We will take care of that part and will work out the best solution for you on your end. We could possibly require pictures of the damage to the box and/or the product inside. Please do not throw the damaged boxes away as the carrier will sometime send a representative out to detail the claim. We will take care of this process in order to make a bad situation the best it can be, with the least effect to you.

COLD CRACK – Unfortunately this can happen. If you use a vinyl product and the temperature gets below 35 degrees, the possibility of cold crack in transit is real. We try not to ship vinyl in super cold temperatures but sometimes its unavoidable. If we do have to ship in the extreme cold, sending your order wrapped on a skid is your best way to go. We find that the less movement/bumping of the box, the better chance we have of avoiding any problems. For the smaller order that goes UPS or FEDEX, it’s hard to control how they are handled. If you receive vinyl in the extreme cold, and the boxes feel cold to your touch, gently store the boxes at room temperature for a day to allow the vinyl to return to an indoor temperature. There are also heated trucks and if that is something you may be interested in we can get you pricing on that up front.