PRICE LISTS – We do not have price lists for the majority of our products, because most of the items we offer are made to custom specifications. There are so many different options available, we do most of our pricing through quotations. If you call or email us with your specs, we will send you over a quote as quickly as possible.

We do have a price list for our stock binders and certificate holders. The specifications for these items are very generic so that anyone in need of a “quick fix” can make use of them. We find that an order of black plain certificate holders or white overlay binders may get you out of a jam and that’s our goal.

SHIPPING COSTS – Unless you request a “delivered” price, meaning your price would be inclusive of all shipping costs, our customary pricing is FOB Plant, Baltimore MD and does not include your shipping costs. You will be charged either dock to dock for a truck-line delivery or the Fedex/UPS charges for an inside/dock delivery. If you need a shipping estimate, we can provide that at the time of your quote.

OVERS/UNDERS ON YOUR CUSTOM ORDERS – In this industry, the practice of over-runs and under-runs is acceptable. Because your order is custom and goes through many different processes in its journey, we must start with extra materials. This extra material allows for any abnormal functions of the machinery, jams, smeared ink, etc and just bad luck. We will always attempt to make a minimum of what you have ordered (if you cannot accept an under-run, please let us know at time of order). If there is an over-run on your order we will only bill and ship you the within the following percentages, over-runs are normal, under-runs not so.

25 – 2000 quantity = up to 10% over or under

2001 – 5000 quantity = up to 5% over or under

5001 and above quantity = up to 3% over or under

TURN AROUND TIMES – Production times vary depending on the size and details of your order. Our typical lead time is between 2-4 weeks. This could be shorter or longer depending on your job specifics. This does not include time in transit. We can give you the estimated transit time when we prepare your quote.

We can sometimes provide a “rush order”. This would be on a case by case basis depending largely on the plant load at the time. A percentage of the total order may be charged to “bump” you up in the production schedule or sometimes an accelerated shipping method may be more cost effective and provide what you need. If we can move your date up for you without a rush charge, we will always do that first. Your deadline is extremely important to us and we’ll work with you to obtain it.

ORDER CANCELLATIONS AND RETURNS – This is determined by several factors. If your order is pulled from our stock and you cancel before it leaves the plant, there is no charge. If we ship your order out and you want to return it, we will charge you the shipping charge only and you will be responsible for getting the product back to us in good shape. We do not charge our clients a re-stocking fee. If your order is a custom order and you cancel before we ship, we will charge you for the labor and material costs that were incurred up to the point of cancellation. If we ship your custom order to you, we are sorry but we cannot do a return.