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Majestic Document Holders, LLC is owned and operated by Nancy Wingo and Gail Jones.  We are old friends and past co-workers that decided we wanted to work for ourselves, together, setting the standards in this industry where we believe they should and can be.  Nancy, resides in Carroll County, is single, and has two grown sons Jesse and Josh. Striker and Princess (doggies), Katie and Winnie (horses) and “Mama” complete the family. Gail also resides in Carroll County, is married to Greg and together they have a special needs daughter, Abbie. Abbie has a genetic disorder called Phelan-McDermid Syndrome. Her family is completed by two boxers, Nellie and Thor. We have many years of experience in this field and are more than willing and able to work hard to build a loyal following.  We are highly knowledgeable in working with these products and love to be creative when our clients ask for our suggestions.  We are committed to bringing our clients a beautiful product to showcase achievements made by people in their personal  and business lives.


We understand the importance of your events and the “carved in stone” deadlines that are associated with them as well.  We work personally with every client to make sure you are thrilled with the end result and that it is in your hands, on time as promised.  We feel you should be able enjoy your event and not stress over the preparation for it.  We stand behind our product from beginning to end and offer the highest and most personable customer service level you will find.


Our logo was inspired by two beautiful Black Percheron Draft Horses, our big girls, Winnie and Katie Rose.  Mom Nancy and Aunt Gail are amazed by their majestic 1176presence at 1200 and 1800 lbs. and the sweet unconditional love and kindness they show us every day.  They count on us to nurture and take care of them and we realize that applies to you as well as our clients.  We pledge our loyalty to them and you, and will give everything we have to fulfill that promise.


We would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue who have dozens of these majestic animals on their farm nearby in Mt. Airy Maryland. They have saved countless horses from the most deplorable conditions and have rehabbed and rehomed so many through their hard work, determination, and true love for these gentle giants. We are so thankful to have an organization with such big hearts, that cares so much, here in our neighborhood. If you would like to smile, please visit


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Nancy and Gail